becoming a neighbor
an ocean away.

Build Soldiers' Morale
by Helping Their Families


MEALuim is proud to still be feeding families of miluim soldiers who, because of extenuating circumstances (new baby, health issues…), need most support.

We are also sending meals to families who lost a husband/father in the war. At present we cannot answer many of the heart-rendering requests we get from new widows. 

Please help us remind them weekly that they are not alone!

Our soldiers need to focus on defeating our enemies. When they feel that their families are managing at home, they can concentrate on fighting.  MEALuim provides practical help to families dealing with the stress, uncertainty and fear they experience from having a parent on reserve duty during the war.

Act as a Neighbor for an Israeli Reservist’s Family

The MEALuim project invites you to become “neighbors” with reservists’ families in Israel and sponsor a mid-week meal while “Abba” or “Imma” is away at the front. You might not be able to make the food yourself, but you can still be the neighbor who provides a much-needed meal.

How MEALuim Works

You can choose to contribute enough to buy a weekly meal for a family of any size. We’ll do all the logistics and make a centralized order. Then we’ll deliver the meal you ordered for them directly to their home every single week. MEALuim, as a Tzohar initiative, has the organizational capacity to best identify the communities and families most affected by the draft.

Especially Now


"You have no idea what a good feeling I get from the weekly dinner. The fact that people are thinking of me, and see me, during this time when it feels like everyone has moved on and the reservist families are left carrying the burden alone.. This package brings me so much happiness and strength. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."- Hadar

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How MEALuim works for a community:

After hearing from a community representative that his/her community is interested in joining MEALuim by sending as email to:, we will add that community’s name to our online registration form/landing page, and respond with a link to the form.

That link can then be forwarded to families in your community who may want to become “neighbors an ocean away” of a reservist’s family.  They will complete the form online indicating:

  1. The name of their home community (Note: Individuals registering independently will be able to so indicate.)
  2. The size of the Israeli family with whom they wish to become neighbors, and the length of time they wish to sponsor meals for them
  3. Their credit card will be charged with a tax-deductible donation according to their choice of family size and period of sponsorship: $16 USD (or major currency equivalent) per person per week for a period of eight or 16 weeks. For example: if they choose to support an Israeli family of four for a period of eight weeks, their donation will be $512 USD ($16 X 4 family members X 8 weeks)

That’s all they have to do. We’ll do the rest

We’ll combine responses from each community and match the whole community with an Israeli counterpart that has a comparable number of reservists’ families.  [If so requested by the families on both sides, we can exchange contact information between the “new neighbors”.]

Every week we will place a centralized order at a local restaurant or caterer according to the number of sponsored meals from the Chutz LaAretz community.

We will then deliver the meal ordered for them by their “neighbors an ocean away”, directly to each reservist’s home in their name.

We will add your community to the dropbox menu ASAP and we will then send you an email with more information to help you spread the word.


Was this donation made in someone’s honor or memory? We’ll be happy to send a dedication letter with a personalized message to the recipient of your choice.
An example of the content of the message to be sent:
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a gift has been made to MEALuim from

This gift

  • Sends a delicious meal to an IDF reserve family.
  • Relieves the parent of thinking about one week night dinner.
  • Distracts the children, even for a few hours, from another night worrying about their parent on the battlefield.

Perhaps more importantly,

This gift

  • Sends Israeli Jews a reminder Jews worldwide care about them.
  • Tells soldiers that they can stay focused on the battlefield because we have their backs.
  • Tells miluim families that we remember for them it is still painful and scary.
  • Says כל ישראל ערבים זה לזה.

To learn more about MEALuim, please visit