Our Wedding With Tzohar

Getting Married in Israel

Planning a wedding in Israel with Tzohar

Our journey with Tzohar started with a friend of ours who got married with Tzohar and  highly recommended it. She told us that she had a great experience and that they helped her with all their needs.

My friend and I both needed Shroashim service in order to prove our Jewish background. My husband and I had a meeting with a Shorashim Rabbi and that is where we first met Tzohar. Right from the start we felt like we are in good hands, the meeting went great and he told us exactly what we needed to the Rabbinical Court. From there, Tzohar and Shorashim took care of opening a file for us at the Rabanut and we felt relieved knowing good people are taking care of us.

From the first meeting with Shorashim to the Rabbinical Court, the meeting with our Rabbi for the wedding and the bride instructor, Tzohar took care of everything and it felt like there are people who don’t really know us, but are willing to give their heart and soul so our experience will feel great and unburdened with bureaucracy.

We're Getting Married in Israel!

Even when my husband broke both his knees 3 weeks prior to the wedding (yes, great time to break one’s knees :), the Rabbi made us a great Huppah and really cared about my husband and made sure everything was fine through the walking and the standing in the Huppah.

We both really felt connected to the Rabbi and the Bride Instructor, and of course, the person taking care of everything, Dana, who was great and helped us a lot.

After our wedding, anyone who asked me who I got married with, I said Tzohar, GO FOR IT!

Also, I figured out that not only me, but two other girls in my office got married with Tzohar.

Now my best friend is getting married and I recommended her to get married with Tzohar, I told her that all the staff are really nice and caring.

A few months after our wedding, I got the opportunity to design the new Tzohar website, which was a great way to give back. I really enjoyed designing the website and I felt through the design that I am showing my good experience through the website.

Tzohar is the best place to get married at, I would recommend it to anyone getting married.

Thank you Tzohar!

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  • Sends Israeli Jews a reminder Jews worldwide care about them.
  • Tells soldiers that they can stay focused on the battlefield because we have their backs.
  • Tells miluim families that we remember for them it is still painful and scary.
  • Says כל ישראל ערבים זה לזה.

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