Center for Jewish Ethics

Tzohar’s Center for Jewish Ethics In Memory of Bertha Kressel z”l

Launched in 2015, and led by Rabbi Yuval Cherlow, the Center for Jewish Ethics works to shape a right and just Israeli society, and emphasizes aspects of Jewish ethics on issues on the public agenda.

The Center for Jewish Ethics holds and participates in diverse academic conferences,  media and rabbinic activities and produces position papers requested by national and international institutions such as:

  • Israel Police Force- the foundation of ethical codes vis-à-vis use of force
  • Ministry of Justice – ethical irregularities vis-à-vis human organ trafficking
  • Hospitals- position papers on saving a prisoner’s life

In the short time that it has been in existence, Tzohar’s Center for Jewish Ethics has become the go-to address for the most cutting-edge contemporary ethical issues pertaining to such subjects as self-drive cars and organ donation.

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