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Israel: +972-77-775-6565
Tel for donations: 1-800-071-414
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We will add your community to the dropbox menu ASAP and we will then send you an email with more information to help you spread the word.


Was this donation made in someone’s honor or memory? We’ll be happy to send a dedication letter with a personalized message to the recipient of your choice.
An example of the content of the message to be sent:
MEALuim Logo Tzohar Logo


a gift has been made to MEALuim from

This gift

  • Sends a delicious meal to an IDF reserve family.
  • Relieves the parent of thinking about one week night dinner.
  • Distracts the children, even for a few hours, from another night worrying about their parent on the battlefield.

Perhaps more importantly,

This gift

  • Sends Israeli Jews a reminder Jews worldwide care about them.
  • Tells soldiers that they can stay focused on the battlefield because we have their backs.
  • Tells miluim families that we remember for them it is still painful and scary.
  • Says כל ישראל ערבים זה לזה.

To learn more about MEALuim, please visit