Keeping Israel Jewish, Together

Keeping Israel
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What is Tzohar All About

We are an energetic, people-centric movement that is fast becoming the choice for today’s generation of Jewish Israelis who crave a positive, meaningful, halachic experience of their Jewish identity.

We actively involve ourselves with everything relevant to Jewish society in Israel.

Our fresh and welcoming programs, services, and holiday experiences impact hundreds of thousands of families.

Our public policy work is successfully evolving workable solutions from within the Knesset, in response to national Jewish social and political issues.

Tzohar’s smart, can-do, approach to our ancient heritage in our modern Jewish State is keeping the Jewish people Jewish.


Play a Part in Tzohar

Tzohar is your chance to join a growing international network of thousands of activists who are effecting change and actively building our movement in their local communities, initiating Tzohar events and activities, and cultivating relevance, respect, and sensitivity within Jewish society.

Whether you have five minutes to spare or you want to get deeply involved, Tzohar has a way for you to play a part.

  • Subscribe to our email list to get breaking news and updates about important issues and events.
  • Join a Tzohar holiday happening or utilize our grassroots services.
  • Engage in advocacy, push for legislative reform, and spread the word in your community.
  • Organize a local HUB or follow a certain issue.

Please browse through this website and find an area that appeals to you.


Tzohar Food Supervision

In response to growing demand for a reliable, professional and transparent national kashrut system, Tzohar has launched a food supervision subsidiary entitled “Tzohar Food Supervision”

By introducing competition, transparency, businesslike procedures, standards and controls – set by a respected committee of expert Rabbis – Tzohar is enabling more outlets to sell kosher food, with ease.

Our fresh, smart, innovative approach includes training women as kashrut supervisors; a breakthrough towards integrating women into Israel’s kashrut system.

Tzohar’s Food Supervision service is led by Rabbi Oren Duvdevani, an international expert on kashrut.

Jewish Ancestry - Shorashim

Tzohar Roots Investigation Unit

More than one million Israelis (around 20% of all Jews living in Israel) lack the tools and the knowledge necessary to authenticate their Jewish status and to live full Jewish lives.

Tzohar has responded by developing a ground-breaking methodology that combines proof of Jewish roots (shorashim) and forensic Investigation techniques with expert genealogical research skills.

Our Shorashim Forensic Unit is uniquely positioned to helps immigrants from the FSU, North and South America to confirm their Jewish roots and thus to legally marry as Jews in Israel.

To date we have successfully authenticated the Jewish identity of over 40,000 Jews.

Israel’s Knesset

Public Policy


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