Jewish Holidays in Israel

Tzohar’s Jewish Holiday Department in Memory of Dr. Aryeh (Leon) & Faye (Tzipora Dvora) Kronitz z”l

Most Jews in Israel are not members of a synagogue or Jewish community center, and therefore lack access to main Jewish holidays activities, prayers and celebrations.

Tzohar makes the Jewish holidays in Israel experience accessible to all Jews.

Our Israel holiday calendar events for Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, Purim, and Shavuot are fast becoming the choice for a generation of Jewish Israelis who want to come together to celebrate their Jewish holidays and cultural identity. Tzohar provides the best experience that Judaism has to offer in a relevant and embracing atmosphere.

These events are hosted in kibbutzim, moshavim, and cultural centers– wherever we are invited to establish a shared celebration of the Jewish holidays in Israel. They  are staffed by hundreds of Tzohar volunteers and attract over 100,000 participants annually. They foster real partnerships and relationships between the different sectors of Israeli society.

Our holiday programs are held in cooperation with Ohr Torah Stone in order to maximize their national reach and impact.

To establish a Tzohar holiday event in your community email Hani at

Main Jewish Holidays

Rosh Hashanah

In 2017, 35,000 people participated in our nationwide Rosh Hashanah program, and came to hear our shofar blowing in parks and public spaces across the country.

To establish a Rosh Hashanah service in your community, or to find your nearest Tzohar Rosh Hashanah experience

email Hani at

Jewish Holidays in Israel

Yom Kippur

  in Memory of Dr. Aryeh (Leon) Kronitz z”l

Tzohar has evolved a unique recipe for organized Yom Kippur prayer services which incorporate

  • Learning circles that take place in a number of locations after evening prayers, which address aspects of Yom Kippur that are relevant to contemporary Jewish Israeli issues.
  • Explanatory pamphlet on customs, prayers and the significance of Yom Kippur, with guidelines to help worshippers follow the prayers
  • Specially written festival prayer book to ease participation in the services

In 2017, 65,000 people experienced Yom Kippur with Tzohar at 338  locations around Israel.

Jewish Holidays in Israel

To establish a Tzohar Yom Kippur service in your community, or to find your nearest Yom Kippur experience

email Hani at


  in Memory of Dr. Aryeh (Leon) Kronitz z”l

Our family oriented Megillah readings are led by Tzohar volunteers in cultural and community centers across the length and breadth of Israel. They are a focal event for local residents, and are attended by young and old, secular and religious, immigrants and veteran Israelis.

In 2018 we staged 459 Megillah reading locations, attracted 90,000 participants and began cooperative ventures with national organizations such as the Israel Fire Brigade and WIZO, as well as in homes for the elderly in conjunction with the Ministry for Social Equality.

Purim 2021 Jewish Holidays in Israel

To establish a Tzohar Megillah reading in your community, or to find your nearest Tzohar Megillah reading experience

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 in Memory of Faye (Tzipora Dvora) Kronitz z”l

Tzohar has taken the tradition of learning Torah throughout the night of Shavuot and transformed it into a significant and relevant experience. Israelis from diverse backgrounds learn relevant Jewish issues together in an accepting, welcoming atmosphere.

Large local authorities such as Tel Aviv municipality join forces with Tzohar to host and promote the program. Participants return year after year, strengthening their connection with their Jewish heritage.

In 2017, Tzohar launched Tikun Leil – Open House, communal study session taking place in private homes.  Recognizing a growing thirst for community engagement in an intimate atmosphere, families across the country open their homes and invite their local communities to sessions where neighbors learn their choice of Jewish content together.

Jewish Holidays in Israel

To establish a Tzohar Shavuot event in your community, or to find your nearest Tzohar Shavuot experience

Email Hani at

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