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Tzohar's Jewish Roots Investigation Unit

More than one million Israelis (around 20% of all Jews living in Israel) are defined as Jewish on their identity card, but when they come to marry they will have to provide proof of Judaism no matter where they come from. Having left their countries of origin over two decades ago, FSU immigrants lack the tools and the knowledge necessary to authenticate their Jewish status and to live full Jewish lives.

Tzohar has responded by developing a ground-breaking methodology that combines forensic Investigation techniques with expert genealogical research skills to get your proof of Judaism.

Our Jewish Roots Investigation Unit is uniquely positioned to helps immigrants from the FSU, North and South America to confirm their Jewish roots and thus to legally marry as Jews in Israel.

To date we have successfully authenticated the Jewish identity of over 40,000 Jews.

The Government of Israel recognizes the scope of this Jewish identity crisis and the vital importance of Tzohar’s Jewish Roots Investigation Unit’s unique, specialized and successful work, and has pledged 50% of the 2018 costs in matching funds.

How to apply for your Proof of Judaism with Tzohar

For a free personal consultation or for more information contact the Tzohar’s Jewish Roots Investigation Unit (in English, Hebrew or Russian, at 02-6242206 or email:

For Shorashim South America (In Spanish) call 052-5858035 or email:


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