Wedding in Israel

Why have your wedding in Israel?

Every year, thousands of Israeli brides and grooms are choosing Tzohar’s nationally renowned, personalized, meaningful and joyful Jewish marriage experience. Delivered in accordance with Jewish law, Tzohar ceremonies are respectful and mindful of the unique desires and the character of each couple.

Our devoted volunteer rabbis and bridal counsellors sensitively accompany the couple throughout their wedding in Israel, including any need for proof of Judaism, the registration, pre-nuptial agreement, mandatory bridal counselling session, and the ceremony itself, which we tailor-make for them and their family.

We both really felt connected to the Rabbi and the Bride Instructor…
After our wedding, anyone who asked me who I got married with, I said Tzohar, GO FOR IT!

Wedding in Israel

Planning a wedding in Israel

To register with Tzohar for your wedding in Israel or for further information please email: or contact Tzohar directly at 077-775-6565 and ask for the Marriage Department.

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  • Sends a delicious meal to an IDF reserve family.
  • Relieves the parent of thinking about one week night dinner.
  • Distracts the children, even for a few hours, from another night worrying about their parent on the battlefield.

Perhaps more importantly,

This gift

  • Sends Israeli Jews a reminder Jews worldwide care about them.
  • Tells soldiers that they can stay focused on the battlefield because we have their backs.
  • Tells miluim families that we remember for them it is still painful and scary.
  • Says כל ישראל ערבים זה לזה.

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