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Strengthening Kashrut, Strengthening Conversion Through the Path of Torah and Halacha


Alternative to Israel’s Chief Rabbinate spices up kashrut

JNS 22/10/18

Rabbi Cherlow - Sanctioning ‘Anti-Vaccine’ Parents Justified But Not Effective

Jewish Press 04/09/18

Shofar to come to hundreds of parks throughout Israel

Jerusalem Post  05/09/18

Want to hear the shofar without going to a synagogue?

The Times of Israel  04/09/18

Israel’s Latest Culture War Plays Out Under the Wedding Canopy

New York Times  19/08/18

Ghosts of Soviet Jewry are Strengthening Israel's Jewish Future

Jerusalem Post  03/08/18

Another 'Aroma Cafe' Branch Comes Under Tzohar Supervision

Arutz Sheva 15/07/18

Major Cafe Signs Up with Tzohar Food Supervision

Times of Israel 10/05/18

Rabbi Stav Urges Public to Head Bonfire Bans on Lag B'Omer

Jewish Telegraph Agency 02/05/2018

Tzohar Urges Engaged Couples: Make accessibility a Priority For Your Wedding

Arutz Sheva Staff, 04/06/17

Tzohar Brings Together Observant and Secular Israeli Neighbours For Shavuot

JTA, May 30, 2017

Rabbi says disenchanted, secular Israelis ‘might leave country’

Tzohar’s Founding Rabbi Says ‘Separate Politics From Kashrut’

Tzohar head: Kashrut system in 'downward spiral'

Comptroller slams corrupt kosher supervision process

Accessibility Shabbat To Address Needs Of Visually Impaired

Tzohar leads effort to make synagogues more accessible

Tzohar: Force-feeding prisoners is right

Record Number Of 640 ‘TZOHAR Weddings’ Scheduled For September

Yair Lapid Leads With Leaders Of Tzohar Rabbonim

200 protest at Chief Rabbinate’s office over rejection of Lookstein conversion

Tzohar: Rabbinate deepening Diaspora-Israel chasm

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