Tzohar & Yad Vashem: “Generations Light the Way” Initiative

The survivor generation, often known as “Living Witnesses” to the horrors of the Holocaust, is quickly dying out and with them increases the fear that the true memories of the Shoah will disappear from our society and particularly among the younger generations.  Until now, Holocaust remembrance was largely confined to public ceremonies, but we know that over time these are losing meaning and relevance. As such, we recognized a growing need to find new ways to commemorate Yom Hashoah and to keep these memories alive.

We, at Tzohar responded to this need and helped develop new vehicles for remembrance. We turned to Yad Vashem and together developed a “family-based ceremony” that will allow people all across Israel to participate.  The ceremony includes lighting six candles accompanied by reading of texts that are designed for all members of the family.  The campaign was launched over Pesach and includes radio ads and prominent roadside advertisements.

You’re invited to take part in this initiative and together with many others you will be able to make this special day together with your family members and ensure that the memories are not forgotten.

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Was this donation made in someone’s honor or memory? We’ll be happy to send a dedication letter with a personalized message to the recipient of your choice.
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a gift has been made to MEALuim from

This gift

  • Sends a delicious meal to an IDF reserve family.
  • Relieves the parent of thinking about one week night dinner.
  • Distracts the children, even for a few hours, from another night worrying about their parent on the battlefield.

Perhaps more importantly,

This gift

  • Sends Israeli Jews a reminder Jews worldwide care about them.
  • Tells soldiers that they can stay focused on the battlefield because we have their backs.
  • Tells miluim families that we remember for them it is still painful and scary.
  • Says כל ישראל ערבים זה לזה.

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